Teramachi street / Ono City

Teramachi is in Ono City, a castle town known as the Little Kyoto of the Hokuriku area. Feel at one with Japanese tradition, touring the old stone-paved streets in a rickshaw!

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
/ Katsuyama City

One of the three greatest dinosaur museums in the world. Located in Katsuyama city of Fukui prefecture, which is famous nationwide as a treasure house for dinosaur fossil remains. The large astylar space is crammed with dinosaur skeletons, fossil specimens, diorama and replicas exhibited. A dinosaur kingdom where you can see stunning dinosaurs up close!

Shizuhara Adventure boat /Ikeda Town

A 2.1km long rafting course. Both kids and adults can enjoy experiencing natural river rafting in green with a spray of water! After the boat, let your water-splashed body warm up slowly at the nearby Kanmuri-so hot spring.


Fukui Prefecture Outline

Fukui lies along the Sea of Japan, not far from Osaka or Kyoto. With the sea to the west and beautiful snow-capped mountains to the east,
Fukui enjoys splendid scenery year-round. Visitors flock to Fukui to ski its numerous slopes, admire the rocky coastline, sunbathe on the sandy beaches, or relax in a hot spring.

It addition to its beautiful natural environment, Fukui is home to a wealth of traditions. Come and make Japanese paper by hand, learning about a 1,500-year old local industry; polish your own unique lacquered tableware; sculpt pottery; piece together a bamboo doll... the opportunities are endless. Explore Fukui and discover all that Japan has to offer!