iconHow to take
buses and trains

You can't use commuter pass cards such as "SUICA" and "ICOCA" in Fukui prefecture.
The following descriptions show how to take a bus in Fukui.

  • Get on
    a bus

  • When you ride a bus, please be sure to take a number ticket from a small ticket-vending machine placed at the entrance of the bus.

  • When your destination is announced by the voice guide, please push the getting-off informing button near your seat to let the driver know you are getting off.

  • Please pay the amount in cash corresponding to the number of your ticket displayed on the electric board placed near the driver.

  • Get off
    the bus

When you have no small change, you can exchange your money using a money changer machine placed by the driver.


  • Your number ticket verifies which bus-stop you took your bus from. If you should lose it, you must pay the bus fare from the starting bus-stop to your destination.
  • The bus fare for children aged 6 to 12 is half of the adult fare.
  • The fraction smaller than ten yen of the bus fare is evened up. You can't have 10,000 yen or 5,000 yen note broken into small money.

Please check the timetable through the Website of each railway company.

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