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Fukui may not be full of large shopping malls or sightseeing destinations that attract large groups of tourists from overseas, but the lush environment, terroir and distinct climate of Fukui have led to the creation of our outstanding traditional slow food and sake cultures, while Fukui's history and climate have shaped our traditional arts and crafts. Our deep Zen-like spirituality has been handed down from generation to generation, becoming the cultural and historical heritage that lives on today.

Enjoying the Finest Seafood in Fukui’s ZEN Environment

Nihonkai Sakanamachi Seafood Market

Enjoying the Finest Seafood in Fukui’s ZEN Environment

In Fukui, winter means that it’s time for a wide variety of incredible seasonal seafood, including Fukui’s famous Echizen Gani Crab.

I wanted to get my hands on some of this fresh, delicious seafood, so I headed to Nihonkai Sakanamachi Seafood Market in Tsuruga City, one of the top seafood markets along the Sea of Japan coast.

Nihonkai Sakanamachi Seafood Market

The moment I stepped inside, I was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer number and incredible liveliness of all of the shops selling fresh seafood straight from Tsuruga Port and other products made with seafood.

Nihonkai SakanamachiNihonkai Sakanamachi

It’s a lot of fun just walking around and looking at everything the different shops have to offer!

Echizen Gani Crablooking at everything the different shops have to offerlooking at everything the different shops have to offerlooking at everything the different shops have to offer

At one point I found myself just staring at the fresh salmon roe, lost in the way it looked like hundreds of little jewels.

fresh salmon roe

There are also shops where you can eat seafood purchased right here! This shop sold steamed oysters and other ready-to-eat seafood.


Eventually, I realized that I was just too hungry to put off lunch for any longer. Nihonkai Sakanamachi has lots of restaurants, with plenty of delicious dishes like rice bowls topped with lots of fresh seafood. I couldn’t believe how many options were available!


I ordered the popular Gokai-don rice bowl, based on recommendations from locals. The ten different seafood toppings make quite an impression! I left the restaurant feeling very satisfied with my choice — outstanding seafood, and plenty of it!


With lots to see and eat, Nihonkai Sakanamachi Seafood Market is like an amusement park of incredible seafood. I enjoyed my trip so much that I completely lost track of time!

It made me thankful once again to be in Fukui, where the finest seafood is never far away.

Nihonkai Sakanamachi Seafood Market

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