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Fukui may not be full of large shopping malls or sightseeing destinations that attract large groups of tourists from overseas, but the lush environment, terroir and distinct climate of Fukui have led to the creation of our outstanding traditional slow food and sake cultures, while Fukui's history and climate have shaped our traditional arts and crafts. Our deep Zen-like spirituality has been handed down from generation to generation, becoming the cultural and historical heritage that lives on today.

Experiencing the Heart of Zen through Zazen Meditation

at Daijoji Temple

Exploring the Natural Beauty and the History of Wakasa

I started the day with a train ride, taking the JR Hokuriku Main Line down to Tsuruga Station, then transferring to the Obama Line and taking that to Aonogo Station. After walking about 17 minutes from the station, I arrived at my destination: Daijoji Temple.

Fukui has many temples that belong to sects of Buddhism that practice zazen seated meditation (often referred to as “Zen Buddhism”) and Takahama Town is home to Daijoji Temple, a temple of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism where visitors can try zazen.

Daijoji Temple

Daijoji Temple was built in these tranquil mountain foothills in the year 1351; today, it can be found a little bit off of national route 27. The beautifully dignified gate is spectacular as well.

The beautifully dignified gate is spectacular as well

This temple offers a free zazen meditation lesson for anyone interested in trying it. This has made it a popular destination for visitors from overseas, and the head priest is kind and patient with beginners.

Time to try zazen

Time to try zazen for the first time!

they even have extra-thick zabuton cushionstry zazen

They’re ready for beginners — they even have extra-thick zabuton cushions available to make the experience more comfortable.

I heard was the sound of the water

Breathing is an important part of zazen. In fact, they say that it begins and ends with breathing: clear your mind and slowly breathe in and out. Even though I only meditated for a short while, my mind felt much clearer.

>Escape from everyday lifefor a quiet time spent with your inner self

Escape from everyday life, for a quiet time spent with your inner self. Find your Zen, here in Fukui.

【Daijoji Temple】
For the zazen meditation lesson, contact Daijoji Temple at (0770) 72-3089 to make a reservation at least one week ahead of time.

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