Fukui Prefecture Foreign Tourist Bus Subsidy

Fukui prefecture offers a subsidy of 25,000+ yen to travel agencies bringing foreign tourist groups to stay in Fukui and using chartered buses during the tour.


To apply for this Foreign Tourist Bus Subsidy, it is necessary to fulfill all of the following requirements.

  1. A travel agency is to send tourist groups to Fukui prefecture from other countries
  2. Tourist groups must consist of 11 or more people (excluding Japanese staff)
  3. Tourist groups must stay at an accommodation facility in Fukui prefecture for at least one night
  4. The tour must visit more than 2 sightseeing spots in Fukui prefecture

Amount of Subsidy

Number of buses chartered × Nights spent in accommodation facilities in Fukui prefecture × 25,000 yen


- This subsidy is valid for for tours departing during April 1, 2019-March 17, 2020

- If you are interested in this subsidy, PLEASE CONTACT US IN ADVANCE OF THE TOUR


Fukui Prefectual Tourism Federation


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