Kansai International Airport IN・OUT 6 days

Model course 3

Day Course
1 Kansai International Airport
Hotel in Kyoto(overnight in Kyoto)
Kyoto shrine and temple tour
(Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera)

Tojinbo cliffs
Genkuro Fujino Memorial Hall
④Awara Hot Springs
Enjoy Japanese culture in a historic town. The view of the Japan Sea from the sheer cliff is a must-see! Lu Xun's teacher when he was studying in Japan!
3 Awara Hot Springs
⑤Kenrokuen Garden
Sightseeing in Kanazawa(Higashichaya historic street)
⑦Unazuki Hot Spring(overnight in Toyama)
Unazuki Hot Spring
Tateyama Alpine Route
World Heritage Shirakawa-go
Tour of Takayama
(overnight in Takayama)
Big valley with snowy hills rising up on both sides. Gassho-zukuri (A-frame) structures are world heritage.
5 Koyama
⑪Shopping in Shinsaibashi(overnight in Osaka)
6 Osaka
Kansai International Airport