Course 1 Refresh (4 hours)

Kanazu Forest of Creation (Creative activities in the nature) → Shibamasa World (Playing Thema Park) → Tojinbo(World Big Three Places of Scenic Beauty) → Awara Onsen(Recess resort of Kansai)

Course 2 Historical Tour (3 hours)

Ichijo Dani Asakura Clan Ruins (Castle town of the 15-16th C warring lords) → Eiheiji Temple (The Soutou sect) → Echizen Bamboo Doll Village (Make bamboo crafts yourself) → Maruoka Castle (The oldest castle tower in Japan)

Course 3 Historical Tour (4 hours)

Obama Museum of Cuisine Culture (Experience the cuisine and traditional crafts) → Myotsuji Temple (National treasure) → Uriwari Waterfall (One of the"100 Best Waters in Japan") → Kumagawa Juku Area Ruins (The inn town on Saba Street)

Course 4 Enjoy nature (mountain) (4 hours)

Lake Kuzuryu-ko(Verdure/Red leaves) → Rambling through Ono Town(Small Kyoto in Hokuriku) → Heisenji Temple Hakusan Jinja Shrine(Place of interest of Moss) → Prefectural Dinosaur Museum(Time slip to the dinosaur period)

Course 5 Enjoy nature (Sea) (3.5 hours)

Kehi no Matsubara(One of Three Big Pinewoods in Japan) → Mikatagoko/Rainbow Line(Lake with five colors) → Wakasa Mikata Jomon Period Museum(Time slip to the Jomon Period)

Course 6 Hands-on Experience of Traditional Crafts (4hours)

Echizen Soba Center (Experience making buckwheat noodles) → Washinosato Japanese Paper Village (Experience making Japanese paper) → Echizen Pottery Village (Experience making Echizen ceramics) → Echizen Coast (Daffodils and Echizen Crabs)