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Fukui may not be full of large shopping malls or sightseeing destinations that attract large groups of tourists from overseas, but the lush environment, terroir and distinct climate of Fukui have led to the creation of our outstanding traditional slow food and sake cultures, while Fukui's history and climate have shaped our traditional arts and crafts. Our deep Zen-like spirituality has been handed down from generation to generation, becoming the cultural and historical heritage that lives on today.

Beneath the Brilliant Red Leaves

The Autumn Colors of Echizen Ono Castle

Beneath the Brilliant Red Leaves

On the clear autumn day of November 18, I made my way out to see the beautiful leaves of Ono. My train left Fukui Station at 12:50, arriving an hour later after a trip on the JR Kuzuryu Line. I then made my way to Echizen Ono Castle to enjoy the autumn scenery.

When the weather conditions are just right, low clouds cover the mountain that Echizen Ono Castle is built on, earning it the nickname “the castle in the sky.” This otherworldly scenery offers a taste of the beauty of the world of Zen.

the castle in the skyEchizen Ono Castle

Echizen Ono Castle is located in the heart of Ono City, and is famous for its autumn colors. The trees on this small mountain, surrounding the castle, turn brilliant shades of red and yellow.


After passing through the gate, it was another 20-minute walk up the mountain to the castle.

spectacular view of Ono City against a backdrop of mountains

I was treated to a spectacular view of Ono City against a backdrop of mountains. But of course, the main attraction today…

Echizen Ono Castle and the beautiful autumn leaves

Echizen Ono Castle and the beautiful autumn leaves! It's the perfect time of year to enjoy this combination of history and natural beauty. This stunning sign of the changing seasons is beloved by the people of Ono.

Echizen Ono Castle

Echizen Ono Castle

After taking in the spectacular beauty of the castle and the leaves, it was time for a stroll around this charming castle town.

Oshozu Spring

Ono City is known for its outstanding water, and Oshozu spring (one of Japan's 100 finest water sources) is just one of the exceptional springs found in Ono. This pure, natural spring water is a fundamental part of everyday life here in Ono. The sense of gratitude shown toward this blessing of nature, both past and present, is an important element of the spirit of Zen.

Oshozu Spring
4-10 Izumi-cho, Ono City, Fukui Prefecture
5 min. walk from Echizen Ono Castle

Ono’s famous satoimo taro root croquettes make a great snack if you get hungry while walking around town!

satoimo taro root croquettesShichiken-dori road

These croquettes are made with Kamisho satoimo taro root, giving them a distinctive mild sweetness. You can see plenty of visitors carrying hot, freshly fried satoimo taro root croquettes on Shichiken-dori road in the center of town, as they walk around town.

Ono makes the perfect destination for beautiful natural scenery, pure water, and delicious comfort food.

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