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Welcome to the Wakasa Bay Cycling Route

The Wakasa Bay Cycling Route, nicknamed Waka-Cycle, is a cycling route covering a total length of 126 kilometers along the calm and picturesque Wakasa Bay in Fukui Prefecture, adjacent to Kyoto and Kanazawa.
The route is rich in diverse culture and constantly changing scenery, such as beautiful nature, temples and shrines, historic townscapes, abundant food, and echoes of a former trade culture scattered everywhere.
With few ups and downs, the route offers an easy ride that is recommended for beginner cyclists. You can strive to complete the entire route, or just try short courses in each area, but either way,

let’s Waka-Cycle!


Beautiful scenery

One of the many appeals of this route is the abundant nature, such as Suishohama, a beach with crystal clear sands, and the Mikatagoko (the Five Lakes of Mikata), a series of five lakes each with a different shade of blue. The route features echoes of traditional Japan as well, including bucolic fields and examples of mixed forest and farmland called Satoyama. And the sunset view as the sun sinks below the sea is deeply moving! The entire route is like a resting place that will heal you of your cycling fatigue.

Unique local cuisine

One of the pleasures of cycling that you cannot miss is, of course, the local food. The area around the Mikatagoko is known for its luxurious natural eel, and among the restaurants that serve it, some have even been in business for over a century! So enjoy the famed local cuisine, abundant with numerous fresh and delicious ingredients, as you travel the Wakasa Bay Cycling Route.

History & Culture

The road connecting Kyoto with Wakasa Bay is a historic route called the Saba kaido. This area developed as a gateway to the sea, connecting Japan with the outside world, and there was once a time when it even supported the food culture of the Imperial Court. By cycling the route, you can observe numerous historic townscapes and cultural treasures.



Enjoy exhilarating cycling along the sea and lakes

The Wakasa Bay Cycling Route offers a generous supply of beautiful views, such as Wakasa Bay with its wide open ocean and sky when you round the corner, the Mikatagoko, each with a different water quality and depth, and the sparkling white beaches. Why not hop on your bike and find your own favorite view?

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Visit the six areas on the Wakasa Bay Cycling Route

The Wakasa Bay Cycling Route is divided into six different areas with their own attractions. There are port towns where trade prospered, traditional farming and fishing villages, and towns rich in delicious food thanks to the bounty of the sea. Let’s go in search of the attractions unique to each area.


Tsuruga City

Known since ancient times as an excellent natural port, this city long prospered as a gateway to the continent. There is much to see here, such as the Kehi no Matsubara (Pine Tree Park), one of the three major pine forests in Japan, the Kehi Jingu Shrine which serves to guard the Hokuriku Expressway, and the rich port town atmosphere.


Mihama Town

Visitors here can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean and inland lakes, including the Suishohama Beach (crystal beach), Lake Kugushi, one of the Five Lakes of Mikata, or Mikatagoko, and views of the fishing villages along Lake Hiruga. Local restaurants in the town offer cuisine made using Heshiko Preserved Mackerel, a local soul food.

Wakasa Town

Home to several of the Mikatagoko (Five Lakes of Mikata), specifically Lake Suigetsu, Lake Mikata, and Lake Suga. Lake Suigetsu in particular features a striped pattern of geological strata amassed over 70,000 years, the only such example in the world. Kumagawa-juku, a historic post town, is also filled with fascinating historic scenery.

Obama City

The coastline of Sotomo is one of the leading destinations for scenic beauty on Wakasa Bay.Designated as part of Wakasa Wan Quasi-National Park, it is also attracting attention from overseas for its amazing scenery. We also recommend visiting the many temples and shrines, such as Myotsuji, which is designated as a National Treasure, and the quaint traditional views of the streets of Sancho-machi.

Ohi Town

This town offers you a chance to enjoy the contrasting scenery of both the sea and mountains. Uminpia Ohi Marine Amusement Complex, a combined leisure facility, offers a place for the whole family to enjoy, such as the See Sea Park commercial facility contained within.


Takahama Town

This is the westernmost town in Fukui Prefecture, offering a variety of beautiful scenery such as Wakasa Wada Beach, the first beach in Asia to receive the Blue Flag international environmental certification for beaches, and Mt. Aoba, also known as Wakasa Fuji.

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